austin1I am Austin Suain. Starting college in 2013,  I attended Houghton College for general studies and to play baseball. After my first year there, I decided I wanted to take a degree in graphic art. I transferred to Alfred State in 2014 and planned to receive my Bachelors in Digital Media and Animation. I have since switched over to the Bachelors program in Graphic and Media Design.  Most of my work so far has been based around motion graphics and 2D vector based designs. I have also been working with digital photography (mostly sports based) and more traditional hand drawn/painted pieces in my spare time. In this portfolio, you will find both my personal work and works completed for college courses.

Software expertise:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Other Adobe Suite applications

Microsoft Products


Chair – Llewellyn Gallery – October 24th – November 4th, 2014


Alfred Programming Board – PR Chair

Live to Fight – PR Chair


Community Service Day

Umpire for Little League Baseball

Assitant Coach for Junior League Baseball

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