Goats Interactive

Below you will see images of what I was in charge of completing for our Goats Interactive game. Aidan Wilson and Chris Fogg handled the character design and animating, and I was in charge of designing and creating the game controller, vinyl stickers, and the goat logo for the table. The game was created to be an interactive piece in the Rochester Museum of Science on December 2nd and 3rd. The wood box was fully designed, constructed, and hand painted by myself. Our group decided to go with a straight line of buttons instead of two rows of two to avoid making it seem like a 2 player game. We also decided on making vinyl stickers to help kids correspond the color of the button with the correct behavior in the game. Our overall game idea was to show the behavior of goats when they confront each other. Our target audience was kids roughly 4-12 years of age. We wanted everything to correspond as closely as possible with each other to help the kids understand. That is why I chose to paint the box using the same background as the gameplay. We talked about adding goats to the box as well, but adding them would have made it seem like a two player game as well, which we were avoiding.

The goat logo was created with an smart device as the face to keep consistent with every group’s projects. We all had to create a logo of our animals based around that.

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