Interaction Review (Rochester Museum)

Prompt: Use at least one interactive kiosk and evaluate your experience.

On the top floor of the Rochester Museum of Science was a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not section. Within this section, there were 3 separate kiosks set up that were quiz like games. There was room for 3 players at each one. There were 4 buttons, A, B, C, and D, that each player could press for themselves. Each of the 3 kiosks had 2 different quiz topics to choose from. The goal of these was to simply educate you on some weird or crazy facts, by making it a competition between friends to get the most questions right in the short 5 question quiz.

So, the question would pop-up and you’d be given 30 seconds to pick your answer off of the multiple choice list. When you chose your answer, the letter would pop-up on it’s given square on a kiosk with a little character behind it so you could remember your choice and see everyone’s answers displayed on the screen. At any time you could change your answer and it would change on screen as well up until time ran out. After you answered you then waited for the time to run out, as time was getting closer to running out you’d see a little timer with green, yellow, and red sections giving you a visual of the little time you had left. Once the time ran out, the correct answer was displayed and points would be awarded to the users who got the answer correct. They managed to stick with the childlike visuals of cartoon like animations of the paper the questions appeared on and the character design including the graphic of the kiosk. The graphics made it seem more like a game show, rather than just standing next too friends. After the 5 questions, whoever answered the most number of questions correct, was displayed largely on the screen with a “Congratulations, player X got X out of 5 questions correct” or even “Congratulations, it was a tie between player X and X” or “a tie between all three players.”

One way in which I felt this game could have improved was with some sound. I would have liked for a voice over, so the questions and answers were read aloud and the timer could start after that finished. This may have been challenging due to the location of the machines, but still worth having. The interaction could have been a little more exciting if there was more animation with the character at the kiosk in the game. As you selected a letter, it appeared in it’s box. There could be an animation of the guy selected a letter, or a simple thumbs up like he’s sure of the answer, or just something fun to engage you after choosing an answer. I also felt that once all 3 players selected their answers, the game should’ve stopped the timer and displayed the answer after that. There were times all 3 of us answered within the first few seconds of a question and were stuck waiting around for the timer to finish. This made it feel like we were waiting an eternity, but other questions we needed all the time given. So it wasn’t an issue with how much time was given, but that it didn’t speed up the process after everyone answered. There was also a lot of static design. Fun little animations while the question was displayed could have added some juiciness and fun to the quiz and made it feel more like a fun game. Just little things to make the game feel less static, but not be too distracting from reading what’s on screen.

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