Game Asset Progress


Above are the enemy character designs for the game. The set of 6 on the left have arms that are connected to the bodies and the set on the right only have balls for hands/arms. There are these two iterations so that the team can decide what type of enemy movement they want in the characters arms. Also, you’ll notice the set in front is smaller. These are the enemies that will be coming in waves and are small and generic. The larger ones in the back row each have a distinctive attribute added to them and are considered the bosses of each level. Starting from the left there is a Samurai, Medieval, and Space/Future characters.

Below, are images of the space/future fighting arena. There will be 8 sides and enemies can come from any of the 8 sides, or reduced to four entrances based on what the team decides will be best. All these images still need to be textured and will be passed on to another team member for that.


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