Gallery Write-up

A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen and the Bedroom” – Taylor Slavin

“A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen and the Bedroom” – Taylor Slavin presented in the Negative Space No 8 exhibit, took place at Fredonia University on April 29th. The topic of this exhibit was, as the title suggest, the stereotypes around women and what tend to be expected from them. Ms. Slavin spoke about how traditionally women were expected to stay home to cook, clean, do the typical house work while the man was at work. She put together household items and things that stereotypically make women beautiful, to show the connection of women being limited to housework and being a sexual asset.

Some of the points that specifically stuck out to me are that some people still think this way and a lot of mainstream work like movies, magazines, or whatever type of art display women as describe. This is a really hard thing to break, because it sells to men typically. People see it and don’t think twice about it. But it is something that really needs to start to change.

When looking at the individual photographs, they have a very simplistic atheistic to them; two items on a black background. At first glance you think about how absurd it is to have these items together. You think why would someone do that? Then you realize that it is what has been happening in art and media for years. I think it is vital, especially in the GMD program to stray away from the stereotypes towards women. We need to be more careful in our works to not let this continue.

Now, from a more art based view. These pictures are very simplistic, yet very effective. Too often as artist we overthink how to get our points across. Sometimes being simplistic and straight to the point is the best way to go. Sometimes, for example on a website, if you are trying to sell a product you need to be straight to the point and let people know exactly what the feel of the product is, what the product is, and who it’s marketed towards. If it’s a website for an art gallery, sometimes simple is better to get your point across. I’d expect a website displaying this content to be a very simple, limited color pallet site to make the focus the works and allow the viewer to really understand each piece and not be distracted by fancy javascript interactions and bright colors.

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