Art Gallery Write-up

Drawing a Line from There to Here” by Meagan Daus

“Drawing a Line from There to Here” by Meagan Daus was an art gallery set up at Alfred University in Harder Hall, visited on May 1st.The art here had a very Native American type of feel when you first walked in. There was a video playing on the wall with a few other pieces around the room. The pieces in the back and middle had a more ancient feel to them, and as you traveled around the room, the pieces hanging had a more industrial feel, and the medium of using a video connected the past to the present.

I believe it is important to never lose sight of the past and how things were created and done in those times. Those ancient techniques can help artist get back to their roots of doing work. Get back to what is simple and the basics of art, and work that into their new age art. Be it digital art, coding websites, making videos this can be applied to all of them and important to remember the connect between them.

The one piece that stuck out to me the most was the use of cut up wood that had tree ferns in between each piece. What grabbed me about this piece was that from a distance, it appeared to be just grass, but upon closer inspection it was ferns. Relating this to the GMD, this piece shows us that we can play with peoples minds when viewing specific pieces. We can get the viewer to see what we want them to by using things that don’t actually represent it. One of the hardest things to do is get design work away from being representative and more creative.

One of the other pieces that grabbed me, was the piece of small strands of cloth, hanging from triangular shapes. At first appearance they appear to be like a poncho or sections of blankets. But when you look at it they are each individual strands tied at the top. Now this gives the same illusion as the other piece I spoke about, but the thing that really stands out to me in this piece is the use of color. Color is a major design choice in any piece, and many people use too many or too much of a saturated color. Each one of these pieces were a very neutral color with a couple strands of bright, saturated colors. This gives the initial appearance of the whole piece being those colors. This is a major concept to grasp especially in website design. A little bit of a saturated color can go a long way in any piece.

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