Composite Photography

A Christmas themed composition.



1:Christian, my roommate, started this image based around him.

2:Mike’s Head, added to fill space on the shirt and make it like a Christmas gift.

3:Alex, friend, added in later to fill space and add a funny aspect to it.

4:Alex’s Head, added to fill space on the shirt and mock the other shirts.

5:Mike, taken at the same time as Christian, picture based around him as well.

6:Christian’s Head, first picture I took for the composition.

7:Stockings, added to fill blank space on the wall and add to the Christmas theme.

8:Christmas Tree, a main picture to emphasize the theme.

9:Hanging Light, added to fill empty space.

10:Chair, this chair was in the background photo but was taken and moved to the porch, added to fill space.

11:Elf on the Shelf, picture from google, comical Christmas space filler.

12:Candy Canes, picture from google, Christmas themed empty space filler.

13:Cat, a stray cat that lives around the house, happened to spot him and decided to add him in.

14&15:Beer Bottles, added to suggest they had been drinking, hence the reason for the gifts.

16&17:Gifts, to go along with the Christmas theme and suggest the shirts are gifts.

18:Snowman Lights, picture from google, to fill space on the right side, and add more Christmas themed decorations.

19:Icicle Lights, picture from google, added for the same reason as the snowman.

20:House, this is a picture of the front of my house, I wanted snow in the composition and this allowed for the idea I wanted to portray.

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