Final Logo Design Revision


I chose to redesign the Park and Shop logo. Park & Shop is a small town grocery store with a deli and fresh beef as well. They currently have 3 stores in 2 towns, Portville and Olean. The store was created to emphasize service by the Mahar family. They consider themselves a service store, meaning that you can get in and get out quickly with the essentials that you need. This logo needed redesigned because it is only text and contains way too many words. My idea for fixing this is to shorten this down to P&S Service Stores or less. I will stick with the color used in the original because it is the color that represents the town and is also an easily read color.

These are example logos that sparked ideas for my recreation of the Park and Shop logo.

ps PandSLogoFinal


The first image was my initial logo. After criticism from some students and teachers, I created the logo on the right. This logo still had it’s issues, so I went back and fixed those issues.



This is the final iteration of my logo. I removed the dark outlines to help with scaling issues that happen when the logo was smaller. I also made the bag look as if it was quickly moving so I could remove the lines representing movement.

received_10205963561233320   received_10205963561233320   received_10205963561233320

Scalability examples.


Hex code #BE1E2D


Hex code #FCF200

Logo in use:



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