Classmate Logo Critique

VanErnst Refrigeration

The design processes was represented well in this post by Mike Lombino. What this company does was established at the beginning so we knew what the logo was to be representing. Also, there was research and reference being done by searching google for example logos from other companies. Included in the design processes were multiple sketches with varying ideas. This showed the trial and error of the design process and the ability to think of multiple ideas. The final product was simple and unique. It became a visual representation of the company and not just a text logo. It is also a logo that is future proof. Some revisions that need to be made to the logo are getting both the V and the E to be the same thickness. Also, there may be a way to get rid of the word “refrigeration” all together. It might take a few more minor changes to get the representation of it across, but it has potential to represent the business without needing to say what it is. I would also consider possibly outlining the flame and snowflake with either black or a darker shade of the color used.

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