Logo Design


I chose to redesign the Park and Shop logo. Park & Shop is a small town grocery store with a deli and fresh beef as well. They currently have 3 stores in 2 towns, Portville and Olean. The store was created to emphasize service by the Mahar family. They consider themselves a service store, meaning that you can get in and get out quickly with the essentials that you need. This logo needed redesigned because it is only text and contains way too many words. My idea for fixing this is to shorten this down to P&S Service Stores or less. I will stick with the color used in the original because it is the color that represents the town and is also an easily read color.


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Example logo’s for service stores. A typical service store logo contains a shopping cart and food. For most of the logo’s containing carts, there is some aspect showing the cart in motion representing the quick service of these stores.

The first process I went through was figuring out what font would be the best fit for this logo. After trying out several different types, I came to the conclusion that a script type font looked the best with the letters I was using. The next step was to determine how to represent the store with a logo. My first attempt everything was boxed in it felt more like a sign than a logo. My second attempt got closer by adding a shopping bag, but there was still too much text. I finally narrowed it down to the grocery bag on wheels with the P&S on the bag. I chose two yellow lines under the bag to represent the center stripes of a road and also to add contrast in the logo to make it pop. Here is my final choice for my logo:


Here is the logo being used on a paper shopping bag and also a store window:


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