“PIZZAZZ: Freshman” Write-Up

“PIZZAZZ: Freshmen” – Freshman Class

Llewellyn Gallery – December 3rd, 2015

In “PIZZAZZ: Freshmen,” the freshmen were demonstrating their recent study of drawing images with depth and also how to construct and draw masks with proper depth. The way they showed depth in drawing was to draw a black and white striped chair and with the mask, was to construct a mask using paper, and then set it up with a light on it, to create a dramatic image.

Each chair or mask that was in the exhibit was done by different freshman. Each chair was draw from a different angle of multiple different chairs. Each artist was able to put their own style into the chair; choosing size, placement, and angle. The masks were the same way. Each artist was able to choose how they wanted their masks to look. Some were more realistic and others were more tradition mask styles. Then each person chose an angle, size, and position to draw their mask. Each drawing in the exhibit successfully showed the depth in the images with gentle and subtle shifts in the shades of black and gray.

“PIZZAZZ: Freshmen” relates to digital media in many ways. This is a project from the beginning stages of becoming an animator. The key things to remember from this project are how to proper get depth in images and to make sure that each image you draw follows the real dimension to give it a realistic look. This exhibit is a reminder to those in digital media to always remember the basics to drawing.

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