Heavy Lift Animation


My character’s story is that his mother asked him to get the table set for dinner. The table first needed to be moved and was too heavy for his mother, so he had to move it for her.

The parts of this project that I think I did well were getting the table to actually look heavy with the way the character acts. The movement, timing of picking up and dropping the table and the exaggerated expressions help to express this. I also feel as if I have good overlap and follow through in the walk in the beginning. Another aspect that seems to work well for this video was speeding up the ending when the table is being pushed into place. There are a couple things I need to work on. The arm/hand that is lifting the table seems to slide when he picks it up and doesn’t look like he is grabbing the table, just wrapping his hand around the end. Also, on the hand not visible in the video, it would go through the table when he brought his arm back to push it. I managed to fix that part some, but it is still happening slightly.

In Class Critique:

-Table lift is nice – push feels too fast for a heavy table

-Walk in beginning is a little robotic

-Strange change in speed in beginning

-Lot of movement in the right hand

-Nice modeling

-Thumb goes into table when lifting

-Smooth animation

-Little jerky beginning

-More bend in the knees and signs of struggle lifting table

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