Classmate (Luzmary Nieves) Pace Critique

Luzmary Pace

In this video for pace, I noticed that the overlap and follow through were done below average. There really isn’t much of it happening at all throughout the first half of the animation. The arms swing from side to side, but there is no forward or backward movement of any of the joints in the arm. Even though he is holding his hands in front of him there would still be movement forward and backwards. Also, the joints are very stiff and snap or pop during different times like when he turns. Another thing, was when he turns around to run away his back/head is bending over, but it’s an extreme bend at the neck with very little in the back. To appear more afraid and realistic the back should also be bent and not just the neck. The clavicle joints should also be raise to appear scrunched because he is frightened. One thing done well was the turn. There was good anticipation and arm movements during this part. The hips started rotating first, leading the rest of the body into the turn. Also, the little glance back at the end gave the animation a little more character and a more realistic aspect to it.

Some reasons for the poor overlap and follow through could have came from just not knowing the arms would still move forward and back from not watching enough reference films. Another reason could be that she attempted to, but because of the motion of his arms struggled getting the joints to move in the proper order and move enough to see in the video. It appears they might move slightly, but not to the extent that they should. I think watching a few more reference videos or even trying it herself would have been beneficial to the final product.

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