Pace Animation


My character’s story is that he is going into work and before he reaches the door, he realizes he forgot his keys in his truck and goes running back to get them.

The parts of this project that I think I did well are getting the arms to swing and each joint moving properly to lead the other one’s through; overlap and follow through. Also, I think I was able to capture the story quite well. I made each action he takes clear and visible and with my camera angle you do not lose any of that information. I feel as if I also got the pace of the walk and run. He appears to be casually walking towards the building and the runs out at a visually faster speed. The things I think I need to work on are a couple of the joints seem to bind up slightly or catch at times. Also, the timing of certain actions happening, such as the hands coming up when he stops walking could be slightly faster. I think I could also loosen the character up a bit. He seems to be a bit stiff in his back.

Class Critique:

-Animation looks smooth

-Running looks a bit awkward/robotic

-Stiff movements towards when he stops to turn around

-Easy to understand what is happening

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