Classmate (Tyler McDonald) Walk Cycle Critique


In this walk cycle, the overlap and followthrough were average with a few aspects below average. The first thing I noticed when looking at this video was was that the upper half of the body leans to the right throughout the whole cycle instead of swaying side to side with each step. Another thing that I noticed was the head. The head seems very stiff in its movements and wobbles instead of going up and down. It does not look like this was done on purpose, but was caused by the moving of the torso. The spacing and arcs of this project was also off. The left arm pops back after swinging forward, the head sticks in certain positions before moving, and the right leg also stick/pop on it’s way back. As for the arcs, the left arm swings forward fine, but then jumps back and abruptly stops instead of swinging fluently back. Also, the legs barely go past the character’s back. This gives it a strange look from the side view. It appears that the legs are more out front of the character instead of following through all the way back. The legs never straighten out. The timing is also average. The walk has times where is seems ok, but then either speeds up and jumps to the next part or it goes too slow. The right leg takes too long to start moving forward and the left arm shoots back too quickly for the rest of the timing.

The main causes of most issues in the animation appear to be from looping the video. That’s what causes most of the popping or abrupt stopping of body parts. The other issues could just be the spacing between each key from (too much or too little) affecting the speed something happens, or could be caused from moving certain parts of the rig and not realizing that it slightly moved other parts as well, such as moving the torso and having it change the positioning of the head as well.

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