Walk Cycle Animation Project

Vimeo Animation

Self Critique:

For this assignment, I think I was able to get the swing of the arms down and getting the joints to move in order. Also, I think I got the movement of the hips right, at first I had them going up or down at the wrong time, but I found the problem and fixed it. The parts I struggled most with was getting the arms to move without catching during certain movements. I notice the right arm still appears to catch slightly, but I do not think it is all that noticeable unless you are looking for it. Also, getting the right distance between each body part, like the arms and legs, was a bit difficult. I tend to make the gap too large at first for the legs, or too small with the arms.

Class Critique:

-Torso/chest need to rotate a little more

-Could use more personality

-Loop is off a little

-Head tips a little to the left.

-I like it! 😀 – Tyler

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