Puppet Show Write-Up

The students in 3D design class at Alfred State opened a gallery in the Llewelyn Gallery on April 16th. This gallery displayed the puppets and marionettes created by the class. Each puppet was created in their own unique ways and no two puppets looked the same. These puppets showed off the abilities of wood carving and the ability to use many random pieces and put them together to create a piece of art. It was interesting how even though each puppet was created in the same class, each group had different ways of not only designing their puppets, but constructing them as well.

Alex Jermyn and Mike Lumbino had a very unique puppet. Their puppet consisted of mostly carved wood, that was painted with metallic paint to give it a unique shine. Their puppet was very well constructed and moved like a marionette is supposed to. This was definitely one of my favorite pieces at the show. I liked that they did not go with the human look, but that they went with a robotic and alien look.

Wyatt Watson and Niklas Scheuerman had one of my other favorite puppets in the show. They managed to create a spider marionette that was functional, which impressed me. Getting just two arms and two legs to move on a marionette is a challenge, but they manage to connect all eight legs and get them to move. Their piece was also unique because they also made it a knife holder. This makes it a more interesting piece because no one really thinks of a puppet as a knife holder.

This show relates to our major because it shows us the unique ways in which a person can take simple every day objects and turn them into a great piece of art. This also relates because many times, creating a model, especially one that moves, will be very vital to accurately animating different objects or people on the computer.

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