Lecture Write-up

The Architecture of Distance: Laurie O’Brien

Llewellyn Gallery – February 19th

In “The Architecture of Distance,” Laurie O’Brien was demonstrating her creative works using video and architecture. The works presented at the opening were small scale buildings in which images of people were then projected onto. O’Brien has previous work in theater and puppetry, but now used all styles of art to express herself.

The pieces of work in the exhibit were small scale buildings and different architectural structures made out of wood. Each one was carefully and skillfully crafted to form a small town like area. Once the buildings are all place in their proper places, small human figures are then projected from a distance onto one or multiple sides of buildings or other structures. Laurie O’Brien is focused on digital media and also people’s identities. Her creations are meant to contain and also give space to new ideas.

“The Architecture of Distance” relates to digital media in many ways. This exhibit demonstrated how you could take 3D objects and incorporate our own digital creations with them. This opens up a whole new world for digital artists who think what they do is limited to the computer. This also relates to digital media in the ways that it makes us want to explore more creative ways to express ourselves with our art. We should always be striving to create new, exciting, and captivating pieces of art. This helps expand not only our own works, but other people’s works who may also see them.

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