Week 8 Journal

10996386_10204127919503424_4457146135846694121_n 11081050_10204127919303419_1848595917556706393_n 11116471_10204127919743430_905032740586255587_n

Three drawings of people around campus or town.

Selfportrait Selfportrait1 Selfportrait2 Selfportrait3 Selfportrait4 Selfportrait5 6 drawings to choose from for a charcoal self portrait.

Research: The Norse Creation Myth (Simplified). With the Norse creation myth, the earth was created by a frost giant named Ymir. Ymir one night while sleeping sweat out a man and woman from under his arm. This was the beginning on the frost ogres. Then the thawing frost transformed into a cow that would then lick away some mountains. Beneath the mountains the cow would reveal a man. After all of this happened the frost giant was then killed by the people he had sweated out. Once he was slain, he became the earth, sky, trees and everything else that makes up the earth.

Information from: http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/creation.html

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