Room/Interior 3D Project

Austin Suain Frog Room copy

Kevin is a frog who is self made. He graduated top of his class at an ivy league school then started his own investment firm which nets over 3 million dollars a year. He is upscale and arrogant but also very spiritual. Everything he has must be high end and have a perfect Feng shui.

I created Kevin’s room with the idea of Feng shui and high end living. I used a flat screen tv and fake fire place to represent the idea of having a lot of money, but also having the high class taste. Because he is a frog I added in the rug and wall decoration as lily-pads. The outside represents a high class neighborhood with large houses and even a gate to his house. I used other Feng shui rooms as reference and that is where I got the colors that I used. The room does not have too much clutter because of the Feng shui living style, but has enough that his wealth shows and the stuff he owns is of high quality.

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