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Name: Creon

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 185 lbs.

Occupation: Warrior

At the young age of 7, Creon was a small weak child. His father, a mighty king and warrior asked him to go out and slay the cerberus. Crean goes into battle with the cerberus, but fails to even injure the beast. Creon would return to his father covered in blood from the giant gash on his forehead from where the beast had struck him with his paw. When the young child fails to slay the cerberus, his father disowns him and banishes him from the kingdom. The reason for him being banished was the fact he was too weak and was not a noble warrior like his father expected. After being banished, Creon began to grow bigger and stronger out of pure anger towards his father. His ultimate goal was to become the most feared warrior in the land and then finally return to his father and slay him in battle. Creon would later reach his goal, slaying his father, and being the most fierce and respected warrior in all the land.

Character development is very important to understand for any person working in the digital media and animation field. Understanding the proper proportions and creating the ideal character can take a lot of practice. This project allowed us to study different proportions and chose the one we feel best represents the perfect or ideal human.

For my character, I researched the Greek proportions for a human body. The Greeks used the size of the head to measure the proper size of the rest of the body. The shoulders should be 2 head lengths wide, the upper half of the body (including the head) should be 4 head lengths and the same with the legs. The arms should be 3 heads long and the waist should be half the length of the head. These proportions helped me to create my ideal character.

The actual character design came from the short story that is posted above. The man is very muscular to fit the look for a warrior. He is wielding a sword as his weapon of choice in battle. As for the proportions of my body, some of them are off by a small amount. For the most part my proportions are very close to the one’s that the Greeks used.

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