Week Three Journal

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These three drawings use atmospheric perspective to show layers of space and are silhouettes from a local hockey game.


I struggle drawing noses in a realistic manner so for this weeks tutorial I watch this video and recreated the drawings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCU13sWjSpM

Notes from “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art” Chapters 5 and 6:

-Line, color, and shape provoke the five senses

-Synaesthetics is uniting the senses through art

-All lines carry expressive potential

-Symbols are the basis of language, in comics lines can represent both visible and invisible aspects of life

-Backgrounds can be valuable in indicating invisible ideas, particularly the world of emotions

-Traditional thinking: art should keep words and pictures separate

-Writing had become more abstract, while visual art had followed more realism

-After the impressionism movement abstraction started coming back

-Comics are viewed as a lower form of media

-Word specific, picture specific, duo-specific, additive, parallel, montage, interdependent are all ways words and images are combined and this all depends on the artist and intent

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