Origami Butterfly

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Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. Paper can be folded in many different ways to create almost any shape or object imaginable. For this origami project, we decided we would create four butterflies using the modular design of triangles and putting them together. There are two major ways of folding origami, wet folding, and dry folding. Wet folding is when you have a slightly damp piece of paper that you can bend in organic ways. Dry folding is when you fold a piece of paper geometrically. We chose to do dry folding so we could create many of the same geometric shape multiple times. We folded around 500 brightly colored pieces of paper into triangles and then fit them together to create the form of a butterfly. We decided to create butterflies because of the natural beauty they are and how traditional origami tends to be created to represent nature. Origami can create truly beautiful and unique objects. Nature is expressed in a few basic patterns and shapes that create variety in the patterns and shapes. With only a few energetic principles, nature can create designs for all of the possibilities it encounters. We chose to construct our butterfly from triangles because they can be seen in many different objects in nature. For example, if you look at a mountain range, they are typically in the shape of triangles. Also, triangles are the shape of aspirations, higher goals, stability, and their ability to transcend obstacles. All these aspects fit into our origami butterfly project.‚Äč

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