Caricature HPSC1282

A caricature is a drawing in which specific characteristics are exaggerated usually to add a comical effect to a person. There are many artist who draw caricatures of people such as Al Hirschfeld, David Levine, and Max Beerbohm. Caricature drawings can be fairly difficult because when creating one, you must exaggerate a specific characteristic while attempting to keep the realistic look of the subject.

When creating the caricature of myself I chose to exaggerate my eyes and also my ears. Many people have mentioned my eyes and ears are slightly larger than the average persons. Being that this is a noticeable characteristic of myself, I decided it’d be the right choice. I made both the eyes and ears larger and very noticeable in my drawing. The use of brighter colors in the eye (the off-white) draws the attention to that area from the darker colors surrounding it. The ears stick far enough off the head of the character that they are also an eye-catching piece.

I used both David Levine and Max Beerbohm as inspiration for my work. Max Beerbohm has very simplistic designs in his caricatures. For his head and faces he tends to only draw the major lines that give them their shape. He does not add too many details such as shading and all the little lines in the face. David Levine was an influence in my work when I was creating the body. I liked the looks of having an oversized head with a smaller body. This allowed me to add details about myself in the body, but it doesn’t take away from the exaggerated details in the head.

There are many different styles when creating caricatures. Artists can choose to take a simplistic approach to their drawings or they can make them more complex and add in shading and more realistic looks. There is no right or wrong way to go about creating a caricature as long as there are exaggerated aspects of the person. I chose the more simplistic style of drawing and accomplished the task of turning myself into a caricature.

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