Final Montage Vide

Every person experiences some type of emotion throughout every day. Depression is a serious emotion that many people have to struggle through. For this montage project,  I wanted to visually represent the emotion of depression. Many people have heard of depression and believe they know what it means, but it is often misunderstood. Through the use of metric and tonal montage, I went about depicting depression the way I see.

In this project I was able to use metric montage to show the troubling thoughts and struggles that go through a depressed persons mind in a single night. The montage begins at night and shows two other scenes from the middle of the night and the morning. I attempted to use the cinematography technique of lighting to help emphasize this aspect. For the first image I made the room dark, but allowed a little light to come through to show that it wasn’t pitch dark out yet. The middle scene is darker than the first to show even more progress through the night. The final scene is a morning scene so I allowed the most amount of light to show through.

Tonal montage was another large aspect of my piece that helped improve the overall message. In certain scenes of the project the man is remembering certain memories that had happened in the past. This gives the viewer a connection between the emotion of the character and past events that have happened.

The lighting of each image was also vital to the message my video portrayed. To represent depression I wanted very dim lighting because the feelings one feels when they are depressed are dark. I also wanted to include no color or very little color in each shot. Adding color would have giving the perception that this man believed that there was hope and would have not gotten the message through as well as it did without color. Also, depth of field was used in the shot of the pills to put a main focus on what the man was doing. In the background, a cup and empty bottle of vodka are noticeable, but the main focus in the man attempting to overdose. This also helped to emphasize the effects of depression.

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