Art Box Write-Up

For this art box, I made a composition of images that I created from using the elements and principles of design. There are a total of fourteen images in this box, each of which I  draw or created on Adobe Illustrator. Each image represents a different element or principle of design. The purpose of this book is to visually represent the elements and principles in a clean, organized, and understandable way for others to see.

Before constructing my box, I had to take into consideration what images would be included and how I would go about creating them. I am very comfortable drawing in pencil  so a majority of my images are done with just graphite pencil. I wanted to add in some variety to my images so I created two images in Adobe Illustrator, two with sharpie, one with watercolor, and one with charcoal. The next thing I had to consider was the order of the images. I put one of the best works first, which were then followed by a few works of lesser quality. In the middle of my book I placed another well done drawing followed by more lesser quality works. The last image of the book was also I well done work. The purpose for this order is so that when people are looking through the images, they will see and remember the best ones out of the fourteen images.

The creation of the physical box was my next step after configuring all my images. I created the box out of form core. I cut a small base, 6×8, to hold the images. After this was created I measured the lid to fit over the base. The box, once constructed, was covered with matte paper, in the design of wood, for the base and straphmore paper with watercolor paint to create the lid.

Creating this box was a challenging task that took a few weeks to successfully accomplish. The craftsmanship it took to create the box and give it a good look was a difficult task, but was done well by taking my time and planning every step out. I like having the opportunity to show off some of my better work of the semester in a book for many people to see. It also gives visual representations to the elements and principles of design and gives me a way to remember what they are. This project helped me to learn about these art strategies and improved my drawings over time.

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