Pattern and Layering

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In this project, I created an image that shows depth by layering patterns and shapes. When deciding how to compose an image like this, it was important to figure out which images should appear further away or closer to the viewer. When deciding what figures should be farther away it was important to make those images smaller than the images that would be closest to the front. This is known as scale change. When creating the depth in the image it was important to have many overlapping aspects. When images overlap you can see what images are on top of others by the lines that are showing. This causes some images to appear farther back on the page. It was also important to add linear perspective to this piece because it gives dimensionality to the piece and gives the illusion of 3D space in a 2D plane. Atmospheric perspective is crucial when creating a piece like this. Atmospheric perspective lines will appear to be fading away and give another illusion to depth.

When I was creating my own personal layered artwork, I first thought of the background. I game my image a dark background and then compose images on top of the dark color with bright colors. Doing this would make the top layers pop more. I chose a dark blue color with dark green patterns on top. I then decided on a city landscape for the next layer. Different patterns were then added in the sky and buildings. This gave the shapes form and would then show depth when layers were added on top of them. The next step was to chose an animal that was in motion and using contour lines make them the next layer. The animals were painted with bright colors with a checkered pattern on them. This pattern allows the viewer to see through the animals to the other layers, but it also allows them to see what the figure is and that it has dimension to it. The final touch to this project was to add some white and black. For this part I chose to add two large scale people to the sides of the composition. Adding these two people would then add symmetry. When using the white for the outline, it made the people stick out above the rest. I then did a thin outline of black around the white and accent some aspects of them with black. Adding the black to the white created a greater contrast and really made the image stand out.

(I posted two images because the first one resembles the actual image more and the second one has been altered to darken and brighten certain parts using photoshop.)

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