Phenakistoscope PhenakistocopeWheel

This is a phenakistoscope created for my foundations class. The phenakistoscope is an early form of watching animation. To create a phenakistoscope you must create images that demonstrate slight movements that have no set beginning or end. To see the images move you must spin the phenakistoscope in a mirror and there must be a break in between each animated movement. The black spaces in between each image allows the viewer to see the moving parts through persistence of vision. This is a very simple way of showing animation if done properly.

With mine I created a man climbing a ladder and at first I had the kangaroo at the top kick him back down. I scratched this idea because it would have been too hard to actually tell what was happening to the man. When making the gif for my phenakistoscope, I saved the file and did not set the colors correctly during the process and that is why the second gif on the page has colors in the background. I was able to fix this color by simply changing the color range in the images. However, the colors that were created by the mess up fit with the actions happening. It appears to be day and night with dusk and dawn in between. I found this slight mistake to have a very interesting and eye catching outcome. If I had to do this again, the one thing I would change would be the size of the kangaroo. When it is spun the kangaroo can be very difficult to see.

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