Christine Chin Art Exhibit

Christine Chin – October 23, 2014

Sentient Kitchen: Fleshy Kitchen Accessories – Llewellyn Gallery – Alfred State College

In the “Sentient Kitchen: Fleshy Kitchen Accessories” exhibit in the Llewellyn Gallery by Christine Chin, she was introducing kitchen appliances in which she had created. These appliances were unique because she added replications of human body parts to each piece. Most of the pieces were large pictures that were accompanied by an iPad playing videos of how the appliances would function with the human parts. 

Christine Chin created a piece of work she called “Toothed Tongs.” This piece was two ordinary kitchen tongs in which Chin added gums and teeth to the end that does the grabbing. There was also a muscle included in the piece to give “effortless operation.” This was an interesting piece to think about. Adding in not only the teeth and gums, but the muscle to help with the ease of use was thought provoking to me. The thoughts I got from this piece was that even the elderly, who do not always have the most powerful strength in their hands, can still use these without pain or struggling to squeeze them.

Chin was also created another interesting “invention” and art piece called “Sensitive Salter.” The idea behind this piece was that the mouth and tongue would sense how much salt should be dispensed on the food that is being eaten by the user. This piece was very thought provoking and would be a piece I would personally use. I would like this piece because quite often I find myself putting either way too much salt or not enough salt on my meals. With this piece it would put the perfect amount of salt on the food for you. Christine Chin is very creative in the way she looks at appliances and how human body parts can help make them better.

“Breast Bottles” was one of Chin most interesting pieces. This piece was ordinary feeding bottles for infants, but instead of the artificial nipple toppers, she placed real breast nipples on the top. I found this very interesting because most infants would find this to be like breast feeding and be more excepting of this bottle. I feel as if this could be a real product and could actually make feeding infants from a bottle an easier task for mothers. This was also interesting to me because of how simple the idea seemed after looking at the image, but no one really thinks of doing this with bottles.

The “Sentient Kitchen: Fleshy Kitchen Accessories” exhibit relates to digital media because it takes two things that already exist and putting them together. This helps us to realize that interesting pieces do not always need to come from things that have not been thought of. Great ideas can come from taking existing things and finding a way to incorporate them into each other and have them spark many thoughts and interpretations about them.

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