Biomechanical Kangaroo


Creating biomechanical animals is a process that takes multiple process to accomplish. When first creating one of these animals, the artist first needs to determine what animal could be transferred to contain mechanical parts. Once the animal is found, then a sketch of the mechanical parts should be created. After having both of these images, they can then be combined together to create a biomechanical animal.

When I was creating my biomechanical animal, I was trying to incorporate multiple different drawing techniques that I have been studying. The first thing I focused on was attempting to add atmospheric perspective to my animal. I did this by changing the value of my shading so that some parts appear to be behind others. I also tried making rounded parts appear to have a curve to them by using the value of my shading which gives my image more depth.

Another drawing technique that I explored was dealing with my focal point and where on the page to place my drawing. For this image I decided to center the entire image. I did this because it allows the view to have their own interpretation of what could possibly be outside of the page. Also, being that the image was centered on my page, I was able to draw the entire animal, showing off all the aspects that I wanted to. This gives the viewer a complete view of what the animal is doing.

Creating a biomechanical animal is much more than just adding mechanical parts to an animal. Creating this animal is a process of creating sketches, testing ideas out, and thinking of what this image will say when it is completed. After finishing my drawing, I believe that the aspects I wanted to capture in my image were accomplished the way I had envisioned.

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