Color Write-up


Color is a visual effect that is created by light that is being emitted or reflected by physical objects. The colors that we see spark different emotions for everyone. Within my mandala I used many different colors to spark emotions. I used primary colors complimented by secondary colors to make bright patterns. These bright patterns are then surrounded by intensity and value changes of hues. I used many of the classic elements; fire, air, water, and earth. I used both warm colors; red (the representation of fire), orange, and yellow and cool colors; violets (the representation of air), blues (the representation of water), and greens (the representation of earth) to give balance to my mandala. I then used tertiary colors, dark earth tones, to help make my primary and secondary colors pop from the page.

Symmetry has been used in art for years. Symmetry is found in nature and is also applied to art to create equilibrium and flow to the work. Symmetry was also used to create my mandala. There are three types of symmetry I used in my work; translation, reflection, and rotation. Translation was demonstrated by the repetition of the shapes. Reflection symmetry was shown by mirroring shapes across the same axis. Rotation was shown because each shape was rotated around one center location. The symmetry of this piece allows it to all be connected together. This gives my mandala a sense of order.

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