Wenhua Shi Gallery

Wenhua Shi – September 25th, 2014

Night Song – Llewellyn Gallery

In the Night Song exhibit in the Llewellyn Gallery by Wenhua Shi, he was introducing some of his new work such as “Singing to the Sky”, and “Night Song.” The works that were being shown were videos that Wenhua Shi had filmed and put together, or works he created on his own. He had a neon sign that he created himself and also a piece that is interactive when a noise is detected

Wenhua Shi created a piece called “Night Song.” This work was multiple blue neon lights assembled in a way that almost looked like a tree. Shi used straight lines and curved lines in this piece. They represented the on and off symbol and also the blinking of the lights helped to put emphasis on that representation. This piece really grabbed my attention because it was such a bright piece compared to the rest. It made you wonder what it could be, and at first I thought it looked like a tree of some sort. Once Wenhua Shi explained it, the piece sparked even more interest in finding ways in which every aspect of it fit together with the same meaning.

“Descending a Staircase” was another one of Wenhua Shi’s works. This was a video that was a loop. The lady was walking down the staircase which gradually got darker and at the bottom she would continue as if she was back at the top. In the final product for this the view was blurred due to multiple different videos being played on top of each other. This piece was very interesting because it was a video on a loop. The video seemed to never end and that is what caught my attention first. Adding in the blurred version of this video caused even more confusion. These two effects together made me think of the piece as being dream like.

“Singing in the Sky” was one of my favorite pieces of Wenhua Shi. This was a piece that used a microphone to pick up sound and used a sound bar to knock different Chinese and english characters around. The characters that were produced would come from the sounds made in the microphone. This piece spark the most interest in me because it was interactive with the viewer. I was able to go into the gallery by myself and use this piece. It was creative because the different sounds you made appeared in characters on the screen, but the projection of the sound caused different lines in the sound bar to shoot across the screen.s

The Night Song exhibition relates to digital media arts because it helps us to open up our minds and view art in different ways. Wenhua Shi used simple things, such as neon lights to spark thoughts, but each person had a different view of his piece. This helps us to realize that our pieces should open people up to their own interpretation and not just have a specific interpretation to it.

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