Gallery Reviews

Istvan Horkay – “The Lord’s Prayer” – 5 min. 4 secs.

This video is a black and white video. It has music implying something bad is to come, along with a person speaking. There are items, like a ladder that stay constant throughout the foreground. There a scenes that are repeated in both the background and foreground, such as birds flying or the floating black dots.
Lynn Dana Wilton – “(Re)Cycle” – 1 min. 50 secs.

The video begins with jagged images that start out as lightning, then leaves, and then an scene underwater. There were multiple different animals that appear under the water. The who video was created using cutouts.
Tobias Stretch – “Unity” – 5 mins. 12 secs.

This is a very strange video. There are multiple different images of figures growing out of the ground. The ground looks almost like carpet or grass and was moving throughout the video. The figures used are imaginary, but the background is real-life and the music used is a bit spooky sounding.
Eric Souther – “Impermanence” – 7 mins. 31 secs.

The video contains multiple images of people in black and white. Some of the images are very shaky and are the negatives of the people instead of the positives.
Carlos Jimenez – “Collage” – 28 secs

This is a very short video of a figure without a head shooting at another figure. The figure being shot at has his head change many times and at the end of the video it is a face on a TV that was being punched.
Jennifer Linton – “Domestikia” – 8 mins. 29 secs.

These were three different videos that were all linked together. Each video used cut outs to show the animation. The videos are very creepy with the characters used. The cutouts are supposed to be displayed in a doll house. There are also noises and words in the video that help you to understand what is going on throughout the video.
Stephanie Loveless – “Torch Song” – 6 mins.

This was an achromatic video done all in black and white. The darkest black was the fire used. The song was a continuous scene of a woman dancing with what appears to be fire. The music to this video comes in later during the video and not right at the beginning.

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